GK author photoGreg Klerkx is a London-based writer and producer who began his career as a newspaper journalist in Southern California, where he won awards for commentary, feature and investigative writing. He continues to write long-form journalism, often for New Scientist and the digital magazine, Aeon, and has also contributed to a number of essay collections, most recently for Creative & Cultural Skills (Creativity, Money, Love, 2011) and DEMOS (Better Humans, 2006.)

Greg’s first book, Lost in Space – an alternative history of the Space Age – earned favorable reviews in the Guardian, Times Literary Supplement, Evening Standard, New Statesman, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Review of Books, among others. Published in six countries, Lost in Space was named among the best books of 2004 by the Independent and the San Francisco Chronicle.

In October 2013, Greg published his first novel, The Emissary. A dystopian tale framed by radical climate change, The Emissary was a quarter-finalist in the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Reviewing the novel for the Amazon competition, Publishers Weekly described it as a ‘provocative, visceral, original’ work that ‘transcends the genre.’

Other writing-related work includes co-directing the ReAuthoring Project, which explores innovative ways to connect writers and audiences (reauthoring.co.uk.) and currently serving as Chair of Trustees for the London-based writing charity, Spread The Word (spreadtheword.org.uk.)