In 2023, I began piloting a new facilitated workshop cycle called Climate Shift, a process of self-reflection, curiosity, and creative exploration to build habits of mind around positive climate action. Climate Shift is bespoke; it is adaptable for primary school children or mature adults and everyone in between. It assumes no specialist knowledge of climate change. It can happen online, IRL, or in hybrid format.

In keeping with much of my work, Climate Shift works through a variety of arts-led practices, opening space for richer and more meaningful conversations and processes. At the bottom of his page is an image of a Climate Shift session held in November 2023 for a group of Indian and European educators in Bangalore, India, using poetry and the Indian rangoli as motifs through which to explore values, experiences, emotions and ultimately, a greater sense of individual climate agency. The session was co-delivered with Jigyasa Labroo, co-founder of the award-winning poetry charity, Slam Out Loud.

Here is the dedicated website for Climate Shift; anyone interested in trialing a Climate Shift session – whether in schools, communities, or companies – should feel free to ping me there, or via the Contact page on this website.